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Experience the best of Poker on mobile



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A23 Poker Game FAQs

Yes, Poker (live or online) is legal in most of India. As per the Supreme Court of India, "Such competitions, where Success depends on quite a substantial degree of Skill are not necessarily "gambling". Though there is an element of pure chance. If a particular game is predominantly a game of skill, It would still be a game of "mere skill."

Poker tables at A23 in the 'Lobby' are arranged according to the 'buy-in' amount & the 'blind-structure', so you can choose accordingly.

  • Select the blinds you want to play.
  • Select the amount you want to sit with.
  • Start playing.

We have two wallets in place. One would be the A23 wallet and the other is the Poker wallet. User has to transfer amount from A23 wallet to Poker wallet in order to play the games. User has to transfer back the complete Poker wallet balance to A23 wallet to place the withdrawal.

At A23, you can choose from No Limit Texas Holdem, Pot-Limit Omaha and Pot-Limit Omaha 5 card variants.

The Buy In is the entry amount that is used to join a tournament or a cash table.

We request our players to follow the basic playing etiquettes of poker. When you wish to exit a table, please-

  • Click on the "Leave Seat" option.
  • After the end of your hand, you can leave seat from the table.
  • Click on the "exit table" option.

Note: In case the above steps are not properly followed, sometimes the table may continue and the balance might get deducted as Small Blind and Big Blind.